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2020-21 Update

Hey there – the 2020-21 Card will not function as you have known it in the past. We wish that it could, but with very few mountains willing to offer discounted tickets early in the season due to capacity restrictions, we are unable to offer the Card. We are continuing to communicate with many of our mountains in the hope that as we get deeper into the season, we will be able to offer some flash deals for you. We sincerely hope you are able to get some days out there on the hill, and will do all we can to make those days more affordable and fun for you.

Jeff, Judi, and the Crew

Update for 2020-21

Update for 2020-21

Hey friends – first, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your loyalty to the Card and keeping skiing affordable. It has truly been our pleasure to be part of your lives for so long, and we are proud of the thousands of skiers for whom we have made skiing more affordable.

With this COVID-19 situation, we truly do not know what the 2020-21 season holds. Many ski areas are limiting capacity to keep their customers safe, and we do not blame them for that. But with that, they are striving to maximize their revenue, which means fewer discounted tickets. We can’t blame them for that either. We want them to remain in business so we can enjoy the snow sports we all love and the lifestyle that accompanies it.

As we get any updates on any mountains, and whether we will be able to offer a Card, we will keep you posted. We sincerely hope we will, but if there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s that whatever you plan is typically useless anyway. Lol.

– Jeff, Judy, and the crew

Ski Area Updates

Ski Area Updates

Hi friends – we wanted to share a list of what’s open and what is not. We will continue to update as we go.

Thanks for the support, as always.

Be safe, be patient, be kind, practice social distancing, and we will see you on the slopes before you know it.

Your friends at the Ride & Ski Card

Important 2020 Updates

Important 2020 Updates

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